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Fresh Picked

Fall is in the air and the Autumnal Equinox  is around the corner, it must be harvest time. For me I have just finished a fresh batch of delicious pumpkins, and now it’s time to find loving homes for them.  This years fall season is bound to be different. With the recent limitations of social interaction […]

The Bounty

Harvest time is upon us, the furnaces have been churning out pumpkins and the glass workers are delivering them to market. It’s no surprise being an artist is similar to that of a farmer. One spends all season growing their stock and then must transport their goods to the market and hope it brings a good price. One such market is an seasonal event hosted by the Schack Arts Center called  Schacktober Fest. The “Pumpkin Patch” runs from September 17 to November 7 at the Schack Center in Everett Washington. I have always enjoyed the Schack Center their programing and staff have always supported the arts community in a very positive and approachable way. One of the most popular events during Schacktober fest is their glass pumpkin patch. You can Pick (and purchase) your favorite glass pumpkin from more than 900 colorful glass pumpkins handcrafted in the Schack glassblowing studio. You’ll also find harvest-themed paintings, pottery & gifts throughout the gallery patch. Best of all its free. Additionally if you are unable to get up to Everett my Pumpkin Heads are available on the Fulcrum Gallery online store.

Tacoma Sanctuary

King of Kings
King of Kings

I love Sean’s submission with a clear Baby Head Cup© It’s got that old world Game of Throne’s vibe all over it. Winter is coming fair citizens, or at least a significant smoke storm. During times of crises we must band together and help one an other. Enter Sean, a Smoke Refugee from the the fair city of Portland Oregon. It wasn’t the smoke that eventually got to him it was the psychological strain. He had been sheltering in his home this previous week with his eyes glued to his monitor. The ever shifting perimeter of the evacuation zone ultimately took it’s toll and Sean made his move.

Winter is coming! Ima’ get the Fu*k outta here! And visit my friends in Tacoma.


Portland Oregon September 2020

Think Pink

Here is a lovely submission from a HUGE fan   Indika  Canceled   Haze . (She’s going through it right now). She lives in a lovely cottage in the countryside. All her pure living allows her the finer things in life like, Pink Baby Head Cups, freshly potted plants, and crystal unicorns. If only we all could be so lucky. We’re here for you girl! – BabyHeadCups

Kettle Corn

Kettle Corn
Kettle Corn
Who doesn't love kettle corn
          on a chilly afternoon
            on the sixth ave sidewalk 
                in a blinding smoke storm?

I know I do! ;)

Thank you all who came out and braved the 
smoke. Thank you also to the Flea and to
Never Heard and to the other lads who 
made this possible. -O