The Trophy series is my most recent artistic endeavor. It all started when my friend Patrick Calhill and I were creating some glass pieces at his studio Area 253 Glassblowing in Tacoma. At the request of a patron we created a rudimentary deer skull. It came out so cool and interesting that I went into […]

Moshi Friday 11.8.19

8pm Friday evening I take over the sights and sounds of Moshi Moshi in the Stadium district. Stop in for their delicious snacks and quality potions. Or just come enjoy the vibe as I bring you on a multi-media adventure into the evening. No cover.  

Price to Pay

Nothing in life is free, especially after a hearty weekend of “reconnecting” with old friends. Tom sends us this secret remedy from the great city of Portland Oregon.

“I have been fighting a cold since Seattle trip….last night mixed up 50/50 solution of Alka-Seltzer and Tequila! Slept like a rock!

Candy Baby Head

Nothing says Halloween like a Baby Head Cup stuffed with suspicious candies. However I appreciate the trust building intentions of our biggest fan Ben. By incorporating the transparency of this vessel you know what you’re getting into, no tricks only treats. So shove those greedy little fingers in there and pick out a winner!