• Baby Head Cups

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    Whether you fall in love immediately or are left with sense of subtle unease no one immune to their charm. The Baby Head Cup© is in a class all it’s own, a unique awkwardness that will both enchant and terrify. These curiosities are fully functional glassware, handmade by Oliver Doriss in his secret Tacoma laboratory. The perfect addition to your decorative display or creepy table setting. These tumblers are dishwasher safe and their rounded profile makes them durable as they are adorable.
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    Hand made glass ornaments. Contact Us for immediate assistance.
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    Glass Sculpture by Oliver Doriss comes in many forms.
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    Show tickets and other temporary sale items.
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    Drink ware and Tumblers of all types. All the drink ware listed on this website is hand made by Oliver Doriss and his team of skilled crafts persons.