Summer Cancelled?

I Think Not!

The weather is lovely and nothing says Summer like Mojitos in the back yard while social distancing with good friends! This submission is from a local legend here in Tacoma who has been safely quarantining until such time that she can perform for you again! Cheers to Tacoma Royalty & The Gritty City Sirens from Baby Head Cups! “Clink”

Half Empty?

There’s a lot going on with this shot. Submitted by the one and only Indika Haze. I love the face inside the face inside the reflection inside the small pool of vodka. The only thing that has more layers than a Baby Head Cup is probably Ms. Indika Haze herself.

Front Lines

A shout out to all the nurses and doctors who keep themselves safe while keeping us safe! The Quarantine Baby Head Cup is by your side in these uncertain times. much love from Baby Head Cups .Com

Feeling Feverish

If for any reason you are feeling slightly feverish consult your doctor and self isolate. Drink plenty of fluids. A face mask has been recommended by the CDC additionally a Quarantine Baby Head Cup is also a good idea. Stay safe out there folks! Much love from Baby Head Cups .Com