Out the Gift Shop into the Gallery!

We are honored to be part of Racine Art Museums current show Art of the Cup: Variations on cups from RAM’s Collection.

Now the Baby Head Cups© has been a staple of the museum gift shop for decades. We are currently featured at the Tacoma Art Museum, the Seattle Art Museum we even had representation at the Guggenheim’s gift shop in NYC. Up until now we have only been affiliated with the retail component of these cultural juggernauts. Art of the Cup as presented by the Racine Art Museum is the first instance of a Baby Head Cup piercing the “Fine Art” barrier by being included in a formal gallery show.

Persistence pays off. I am flattered to have been curated into Art of the Cup, and I am joined by some very talented people in this show. Should you find yourself in Wisconsin this spring swing by Racine and treat yourself to this excellent collection of American crafts. -Oliver Doriss


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Lil’ Heart Breaker

Here at the top secret Baby Head Cup Laboratory we are always keeping up with seasonal and trends. With the season of lovers upon us we are set to release this years Valentine design, the Heart Breaker!

This little teaser of a cup starts with an interior of pure white, a visual foundation for its elemental rich gold ruby surface. It’s this double color layering that captures light and really makes this beauty pop! Finishing off this flirty little number is a sassy heart decal on the cheek. The Heart Breaker is currently available on our website in its own simple elegance or gift wrapped with a selection of hand made chocolates from Tacoma’s own Johnson Candy Co. Love you all! -Baby Head Cups

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The Art of the Cup

Variations on Cups from RAM’s Collection
January 27 – August 7, 2021

I have been curated into a show at the Racine Art Museum located in Racine, Wisconsin, a historic community on the shores of Lake Michigan. It is home to the largest contemporary craft collection in North America, and the Wustum Museum of Fine Arts.  They are running an exhibit featuring fun and exotic takes on the “Cup.” One of the most intimate vessels known to our species. We use cups every day, measuring, drinking, even holding ones tooth brush.


The Art of the Cup: Variations on Cups from RAM’s Collection

Unlike the teapot, whose functionality and meaning has been challenged or reframed repeatedly, the cup has not been the source of as many philosophical investigations within the field of contemporary craft. This does not mean it has been marginalized or avoided. In fact, handmade cups are ever popular as serving ware and the cup as a subject continues to be an organizing theme for numerous exhibitions in galleries and museums.-RAM


Exhibition Notes
Press Room

Wesley Anderegg, Robert Arneson, Jeri Au, Karl F. Borgeson, Cynthia Bringle, Alan Caiger-Smith, Nadeige Choplet, Eugene Deutch, Oliver Doriss, Jack Earl, Lea Embree, Léopold L. Foulem, Willem Gebben, Katherine Gray, Erik Gronborg, Jon Groth, Melanie Guernsey-Leppla, Dorothy Hafner, Tony Hepburn, Steven Hill, Martha A. Holt, Margaret Ponce Israel, Georg Jensen, Geo Lastomirsky, John Leach, Zachery Lechtenberg, Robert Levin, James Makins, Paul Mathieu, Richard Milette, Ron Nagle, Matt Nolen, Donovan Palmquist, Nichibei Potters, Ken Price, Douglass Rankin, ROY (Rosemary Gialamas), Will Ruggles, Judith Salomon, Michael J. Schunke, Yoko Sekino-Bové, Andy Shaw, Peter Shire, Anna Silver, Judith Strong, Toshiko Takaezu, Akio Takamori, Susan Thayer, Rosalyn Tyge, Kurt Wallstab, Patti Warashina, Kurt Weiser, John Whitney, and Irina Zaytceva.

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HapPy Ho1id@Y T0pP3r

I was approached by a local collector to produce a Baby Head Tree Topper! At first I had to confirm that this was truly what they wanted, gently reminded them that a Baby Head would be pushing Christmas decor in a rather creepy direction. Undeterred they produced a monetary deposit to get things rolling. Now a tree topper in essence is a simple affair, a bit of bling a dash of glitz, throw it on the top of the tree and take your festivities to the next level! A glass Baby Head with a Santa hat is a much different thing all together. Unlike our Baby Head Christmas ornaments it’s not a small amount of glass and it needs to be supported by a delicate conifer in the corner of the living room. This piece had to be thin, elegant, functional, and we had to make it work on our first try. Ultimately we succeeded on all fronts and in the process including a small hole in the back for illumination! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year you Weirdos! – Baby Head Cups!

This was a fun, complex, and challenging project.