Deck The Halls

Over the past couple years I started producing hanging Baby Heads as Holiday Ornaments. I know its creepy but who am I to keep people from their Joy. This submission is from Lyn a dedicated collector of mine. The deep purple of this piece really compliments the Discotheque motif going on with her tree decorations! Thanks Lyn for your support! For those of you interested in blinging out your own Discotheque I have a full compliment of colors available here. Happy Holidays from Baby Head Cups©!

A New World, GlassEarth

I have produced two runs of the “GlassEarth” this year. Just like any hand crafted product there is a substantial prep-work and development that goes into each piece. Since this line is still in it’s infancy every time I go into the studio there is growth. I learn a little bit more about my process, […]

Cyber Monday Sale

This Monday and this Monday only I am experimenting with Fulcrum Gallery’s first ever Cyber Monday online sale. Everything in our online store will be 10% off the retail price. I’m not sure if this is a good idea but we are going to find out! – Oliver Doriss

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Your Black Friday Invitation

We are still coming together this year, just not as close. I love Tacoma for it’s fierce brand of local pride and civic unity. It is something I feel that is something communities strive for yet is not often realized. As Tacomans this bond manifests in our fashion, our events and our local shopping habits. […]

Octopus’s Garden in the Sun

This gorgeous submission is from my friend Hector. He purchased a Nebula Baby Head Cup© this spring while Washington state was under lock down. We were quarantining and he had just received a smidgen of stimulus money. This was to be his first Baby Head and took about a week picking out the perfect shade of green. He originally told me about his plan for a spider plant hair style however the pictures are much more than I anticipated. I adore the way the light penetrates and reveals the intricacies of the root structure. Thanks Hector and compliments to your aquatic gardening skills.