Feeling Feverish

If for any reason you are feeling slightly feverish consult your doctor and self isolate. Drink plenty of fluids. A face mask has been recommended by the CDC additionally a Quarantine Baby Head Cup is also a good idea. Stay safe out there folks! Much love from Baby Head Cups .Com

Ready for the Apocalypse

I want to quarantine with these folks! Stylish masks for safety with a rare pink & green limited edition Quarantine Baby Head Cup as well as shiny kitchen knife for protection! I mean these limes aren’t going to cut themselves. Self defense is a good defense. Cheers!

19 Looks Under Lockdown

This is look number 8 Paired with the official Quarantine Baby Head Cup. See more from Adé and the 19 looks under Covid Quarantine. Follow her on Facebook & Instagram. Hair, makeup, masks, and photos by Adé Conńere.

Quality Quarantining With Wooden City

Lyn is doing social distancing properly! With the safety of our Quarantine Baby Head Cup and the convenience of the “Happy Days” cocktail kit from Tacoma’s  Wooden City, It gives me hope that we’re going to get through this together.