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Covid 2020

Introducing the limited edition Covid 2020, a contemporary Baby Head Cup. This piece is many things. It is a response to our current viral situation, and a shout-out to our medical community, (our first line of defense). I believe is it an artist’s responsibility to be a mirror to our culture and help process these radical changes to our social life. At this particular time the “creative class” is essentially unemployed. We are facing the collapse of an entire segment of our economic community. This is why 100% of the proceeds of the “Covid 2020’ go to supporting our arts community. glassblowers and artisans that need you now in these uncertain times. We’re all in this together. Available here.

Casting Spells 3/13/20

This Friday at Moshi Moshi Tacoma I am attempting to summon sounds from the other side. Who knows what may come through this auditory portal once opened.

Aerialists in Tacoma

Tonight! Looking for any last minute plans in Tacoma. I’m DJing tonight At Athena Vertical Dance for this months Tacoma Cabaret. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Casting Spells

If love doesn’t work try witchcraft. Valentines Day is right around the corner and if you have someone in your orbit who may need a little extra inspiration Lil’ Diavolo is just the thing. Seriously though if the chemistry needs a little bump off hire a chemist.

Baby Head Cups encourages our patrons to conjure responsibly. If you or someone you know is supernaturally impaired please contact one of our trained local witches for professional assistance. Happy Valentines Day!