You are currently viewing Gallery Spotlight Series #3 Presented by Residual

Gallery Spotlight Series #3 Presented by Residual

Join us Saturday July 6th 6-10 pm for the opening reception at Fulcrum Gallery

Spotlighting Undiscovered Artists

“Presenting at a gallery space, where the focus is the art itself and/or the artist themselves, is a unique experience within the art community. With everything from the long standing stigmas of galleries to the professional and focused presentation needed from the artist, this breed of artistic exhibition presents unique obstacles for untenured artists. Defining ones theme. The need for artistic statements and in depth descriptions of work. Many artists focus on just MAKING, which is key, but getting those that have never seen the artists work to understand its purpose takes the work to the next level of presentation – UNDERSTANDING. Residual find artists. Works with different galleries. Arranges for exhibition dates and times. All at no cost to the artist. Not a penny. Residual wants them to focus on the task of presenting their best selves.. and their best work. Residual do the rest.”

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Christina Batist

Born and raised in Texas, moved to Washington to become what she always dreamed of becoming, a graphic designer. She works with a community of artists, who support and inspire her to keep creating with different types of traditional, digital, and sculptural art. She mostly does traditional and /or digital art but is always willing to learn new methods and skills. Her themes are mostly nature based, with a pinch of the human figure.

Jan Tuell Alskog

Born in Tacoma in 1945 Jan has primarily in Gig Harbor. After completion of Peninsula High School Jan enrolled in the University of Washington and continued in the fine arts program at the University of Hawaii.

My particular interests were drawing, painting, sculpture and textile design. I have exhibited in Hawaii, California, Mexico and Washington. I Also have had the pleasure of doing several commissioned paintings. My style and my media is driven by my mood which is forever changing. I love experimenting with technique, media and subject matter. Every day I am inspired by colors and shapes around me. I love nature, the human figure, animals, texture, architecture, small town streets, back alleys, junkyards, ramshackle sheds, and all things that spark my imagination. My imagination is my “best friend”. Without it I could not create – Jan Tuell Alskog

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