The Grower by Sean Alexander 15″ x 11″  Lithograph 2011

This numbered and signed  print is a wonderful example of the “Modern Folk” style. Featuring Sean’s “Emblem” style composition and surrealistic border imagery it captures a unique combination of loneliness and hope distinctive in his work. Printed on heavy weight paper with a hand torn edge. $40.00 (Shipping Included)



Hope Trap by Sean Alexander 15″ x 11″  Lithograph 2011

This numbered and signed print is created in the “Modern Folk” style. Featuring a set of vicious teeth on one side with Sean’s iconic figures holding hands on the opposing side. Printed on heavy weight paper with hand torn edge. $40.00 (Shipping Included)



PARKLAND IS BURNING!!!!! by Art Chantry 2011 15″ x 22″ Letterpress Print

This poster was created for Art Chantry’s Fulcrum Gallery poster show in the fall of 2011. With the help of Lance Kagey. Produced in limited numbers through a hand letterpress process, it features a melange of iconic oddities. Both vintage and midget wrestlers flank the design and a classic optical illusion finishes off this visual slap in the face. Each poster is hand burned by the artist adding to the urgency of the design. $50.00 (Shipping Included)



AIGA – Art Chantry 2005 13.5″ x 19.5″  Limited Edition Screen Print Poster

This poster was created for a presentation by Art Chantry at the American Institute of Graphic Arts in Charlotte NC. Art Chantry’s notorious artist talks span 40 years of design and culture, and occupies three standard 35mm slide carousels. The shortest talk Art has done lasted 1 hour 17 minutes. The longest was a 3 hour marathon that was eventually shut down by the facilities manager. (Careful what you ask for.) $35.00 (Shipping Included)



 Art Talks by Art Chantry 2002 24 x 17.5 screenprint

This poster advertises another lecture that Art Chantry was involved in. An enginereing graphic of a spark plug has been repurposed  to display the presenters. In this composition he deliberately skewed the registration to degrade and distort the image. The resulting color inked edges serves to highlight each of the presenter bubbles creating a new dynamic and somewhat aileniateing result. $35.00 (Shipping Included)