Collectors Gallery
These are images of work I have available for sale this fall.
-Oliver Doriss


SkyPond Mobile
Artists: Oiver Doriss & Joseph Miller

Nine mobiles were originally created for the W.W.Seymour Botanical Conservatory‘s 100th year anniversary in Tacoma’s Historic Wright Park. They are a collaboration between Myself and Joseph Miller. Both Joe and I were inspired by the conservatory’s turn of the century iron work architecture and the calming botanical environment within. These pieces reflect that experience.


Pictured Below is one of the last of the remaining large mobiles measuring 3ft tall x 4ft wide


I also have 3 smaller mobiles for sale (not pictured) priced at. $1000.00 $900.00 $1500.00 I can produce photos upon request. Contact me for specific pictures.

Modern American glassblowing is greatly influenced by Italian glassmaking techniques. The creation of venetian goblets has long been considered one of the most skilled practices of the glass trade. I have studied under Maestro Davide Fuin of Murano Italy for 15 years. When I produce my own stemware I strive emulate the venetian techniques taught to me by Davide along with my own personal twist.

Skull Goblets: $200.00 ea.

The Collection: Assorted handmade stemware $75.00 ea. contact me for specific pics.

Cast Glass Vessels

Vertabral Lens


This piece is one of my favorites! I was tempted to bring it out of circulation just so I could keep it myself. Its big its chunky, I fuzed these giant clear core murrini pieces down the side and they really catch and funnel the light into the piece. Love It!





Title: Mosaic Azure $2200.00

This piece is a great example of the original motif I began exploring when I began the Cast Glass Vessel series. It is these natural joints and depth that continue to are a result of my casting process. The central moasic is hold over from classic italian murrini work. The resulting thickness gives these blue murrini a depth and glow that only can be achieved within the thickness of cast glass. -O





Cathadrale $1800.00

Truly a monolith, this piece is shaped like a bishop hat and constructed to last. The interior structure features an arch created out of triangular murrini and a three-dimensional moon rising over a horizon. To complete the multi layered piece I have mapped one of my photographs from Italy onto the surface. The ghost like cathedral is visible in the foreground tying in the related imagery.


Title: Tacoma Moment Dreamscape


This piece is a lot of fun. I took images of local buildings & architecture and sand blasted them into the  back surface of the piece. The oval lens cast into the front distorts the cityscape into a surreal “fisheye” effect as you walk by it.






 Domed Cities

The domed city concept is a naterual extension my constructivist motif. I am exploring this fun geometric assembled look. One of the unique aspects of these pieces are the fact that the dome and the city scape are created simultaneously and fuzed together hot. This makes the creation of the piece extraordinarily tricky and a hell of a lot of fun to make. -Oliver

Domed Cities $1000.00