Hello New Work by Meghan Mitchell

1azz web

Long Live Queen Freddie! – Paintings by Chuck Knigge


Life is OOD Contemporary Societal Artifacts by Sean Alexander

Life is OOD1

¿What is Truth?  – Oil On Linen – New Work by Peter Sheesley

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Roadside -Mixed Media Paintings by Marsha Glaziere
February 21st – April 12th

Nalley Valley Viaduct    cc


Bridle Show – An Artist Presentation by Lisa Kinoshita
A Project of the Tacoma Artists Initiative Program
Artist’s talk at Fulcrum Gallery on Friday, December 28, 2012 at 5 pm

Bridle Sepia

Caustic Compositions – New Work by Devin Reynolds

Fulcrum Gallery Presents: Caustic Compositions – New Work by Devin Reynolds
December 20th
News Tribune-Smolder

Beautiful Angle Holiday Party & Show Opening for The Mystery/Myth Folio

November 30th December 25th
Public Reception: 7-9 pm



Union Tac

October 18th to November 28th -Opening Reception: Thursday October 18th
Private Members Preview 5-7pm -Public Reception: 7-9 pm

Elise Richman – Electricbranch – Noah Struthers – Meghan Mitchell
Chris Sharp – Sean Alexander – Chandler O’Leary – Sara Gilbert









Fulcrum Gallery Presents:
Visions from the Other Side (Surrealistic Portraits, a Group Show)
May 17th to July 14th
Opening Reception: Thursday May 17th 6-9 pm





Larkin Cypher
Kelsi Finney
Jeremy Gregory
Keith Carter

This collection of anthropomorphic portraits done in the classical style blurs the lines of reason. These surrealistic visions evoke an imaginary world where animal, vegetable, mineral make friends and converse as if neighbors discussing the weather. Nothing is left unexplored and anything is to be expected. Artists Larkin Cypher, Kelsi Finney, Jeremy Gregory, and Keith Carter conjure up their individual characters in this unique parade of imagery.







Fulcrum Gallery Presents:
Photo Installation by Sharon Styer
May 17th to July 14th Opening Reception: Thursday May 17th 6-9 pm

Sharon Styer

Dimly lit alleyways, secluded shops, illuminated interiors, a movement, a sound, a momentary hesitation. Quiet solace, but not quite alone. It is nighttime Tacoma. Let your eyes adjust to an alternate world of security cameras and Nightwatchman.


I am an urban landscape photographer. I moved to Tacoma six years ago and Tacoma persists as my steadfast subject. I’ve grown up with photography. I have photos my great grandfather took in the early 1900’s. My dad picked up the photo habit. We had a dark room in the basement and prints pressed flat in the heavier books around our home. -Sharon Styer




Fulcrum Gallery Presents:
Creatures of Habit (Contemporary Ceramics – On the Edge)
March 15th to May12th
Opening Reception: Thursday March 15th 6-9 pm
NCECA Bus Tour: Tuesday March 27th


Spencer Ebbinga
Heather Cornelius


In celebration of the 46th annual NCECA ceramic conference Fulcrum Gallery presents Creatures of Habit. Artists Heather Cornelius and Spencer Ebbinga explore both the human and the animal consciousness. Heather uses her smooth visual language to articulate messages of feminine ideals and iconography. Similarly Spencer opens up his subconscious to us by extracting his surrealistic visions from the dream state and giving them physical form.





Fulcrum Gallery Presents:
Dawn of 2012 (Emerging Artists of 2012)
Jan 26th to March 10th
Opening Reception: Thursday January 19th 6-9 pm

Julian Peña – Kelsi Finney – Gabriel Brown – Kirsten Marie Pisto – Meghan Mitchell –Branden Urban

Fulcrum Gallery ushers in 2012 with a prime selection of Tacoma artists. Honored for their creative sensibilities, use of materials, identity and overall tenacity to persist within a hostile art environment.  Expect a spectrum of graphic forms, surrealistic imagery, and repurposed materials. This visual arts show exposes a culture flourishing just beyond our sight.

-Read the Post Defiance review of the show.






Di Wunder Forst
(Dehanna Jones – Christmas Glass Spectacular!)
Dec 8 to Dec 24th
Opening Reception: Thursday December 15th 6-9 pm

“Di Wunder Forst” is a monolith of eye candy. This contemporary glass installation embodies all of the iconic configurations of glass that are associated with the contemporary Seattle Glass movement. This especially blingy installation also pays tribute to the tradition of over the top holiday window displays.  Oddly enough Dehanna Jones describes herself as a “Glass Minimalist”. This title applies more to the execution of her work than to the overall face melting Color-Bomb glass art that she creates.