Winter Reception Friday February 8th 5 to 7 pm.
Warm up to the colorful creations compositions of Devin Reynolds. This reception will give us an opportunity to meet the artist and find out what makes him tick. Come celebrate the diversity and creativity of our vibrant city at Fulcrum Gallery.

Caustic Compositions – New Work by Devin Reynolds
December 20th February 15th
Members Reception: Dec. 20th 5-7 pm
Public Reception: Dec. 20th 7-9 pm

Meet Devin Reynolds, tinker-smith, magician, artist. He has been exploring bold color compositions through a unique self-developed process for the past 9 yrs. These caustic compositions exploit the same principals that sculpt and modify our natural world. Nature is his muse, exploring themes of sky, wind, water, clouds and plants. Devin unleashes his custom chemical reactions onto his canvas, allowing them to unfold and oxidize within his own intelligent design.

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