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Fantastic Guts

PrintDrawing & Illustrations by Noah Josiah Struthers

September 18th – October 17th

We are but bones and squishy bags of meat, a true collection of Fantastic Guts. Considerable time and space were spanned to produce these works, many of which I don’t feel compelled to explain; the commonalities are evident. However, if one desires a deeper analysis, then look to the cognitive dissonance. It is the connection and disconnection of all of these bits, pieces and tools that we use to get us through. The narratives that we tell ourselves, the physical objects with which we manipulate the world, they all fascinate me. A picture is always just a picture. A pallet with guts and flowers on it is just that; any other meaning placed on it is in your hands. But we must have a narrative, you might say. Well, I say it takes some fantastic guts to not hand you the story. It all means nothing and something depending on how your squish and wires and chemistry respond. Enjoy.  -Noah Struthers



Born and raised in Tacoma, Noah Struthers is a unique product of this “blue collar” environment. His particular mechanic-laborer experiences were tainted early on by artistic explorations, resulting in a unique hybrid of outsider-illustrator art. His work addresses themes of local identity, mechanical structures, nature, and wildlife. As well this artist, illustrator, and craftsman is Co-Founder and Executive Director of Second Cycle Community Bicycle Shop.

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Noah has received many awards and recognitions. Most recently he was selected for the Tacoma Artist Initiative Program in 2013. He creates regular work for Post Defiance Online Magazine, and the Squeak and Squawk music festival along with many other organizations.

* This show was funded in part by the Tacoma Arts Commission.

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Gallery Exhibition

September 11th – 14th
Opening Night showcase:
Thursday, Sept 11, 6PM-10PM  $5
(Girl Trouble will be present for a Q and A)


Isaac Olsen (voted best Tacoma filmmaker by the Weekly Volcano) hosts this event at The Fulcrum Gallery (voted best Tacoma gallery by the Weekly Volcano) about Girl Trouble, the most celebrated Tacoma band since the sonics.  Considering the ingredients, this is sure to be the very best Tacoma art event of the season!

STRICTLY SACRED: THE ART OF GIRL TROUBLE is an extension of the acclaimed documentary film of the same name.  Directed by Isaac Olsen and premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival, Strictly Sacred chronicles the 3 decades long career of the band using extensive video and audio material.

Girl Trouble has been firmly planted in the Northwest music scene for 30 years, existing on the fringes of Grunge and virtually every other regional movement.  Their uncompromising DIY aesthetic and then-unfashionable allegiance to hometown Tacoma, Washington  has made them a legendary cult-like phenomenon.  During this time, the band produced a wealth of artwork in support of their musical concept, generating every graphic, flyer, album cover, and fanzine completely in-house.

This gallery exhibition collects together all of Girl Trouble’s archives; some featured in the documentary film and some seen here for the first time.  On display will be artifacts from the bands tiny museum-like practice shed, full sized paintings by drummer Bon Von Wheelie, original Wigout fanzine paste-ups, T-shirt art by guitarist ‘Big Kahuna’ Henderson, props and models used in GT videos, the dress once worn by infamous 85 year-old go-go dancer Granny Go-Go, and other historical knick-knacks accumulated over the years.

Limited edition prints of artwork and photography will be available for purchase.  Girl Trouble will be in attendance on Thursday September 11 (opening night)  for a Q and A.

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