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All paths lead to Wynwood

(This article is unfinished) An absolute whirlwind of art! (of course). Tuesday we were able to sample the Scope and Untitled art fair. Both venues are directly on Miami beach offering a unique juxtaposition of refined concepts and beach scene. Here are a couple of pieces that caught my attention. I saw a couple of lenticular prints that change as the viewer walks by the piece. Here is Barbie russe by Cecile Plaisance

20131204-143201.jpg. 20131204-143211.jpg Another fun lenticular print by Jeff Rob Diluvian 1 creates a beautiful underwater composition.

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Things are lining real nicely for my Art Basel trip. Bought a fresh pair of Stacy Adams dress sandals (Crocket & Tubbs style) from Mr. Mac’s. Suit and speedos freshly pressed. My boy Riley connected me with his cousins cousin who will be working one of the shows. (Local Guide) My sister said don’t eat the food. I will be doing a glass blowing demonstration at U -Miami probably Tuesday or Wednesday. Press passes are lined up. Ka-blam! Can’t wait, I fly out tonight. Stay tuned ill be posting regularly. -O


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I’m in Miami B’

I am pleased to announce my new position working with Dan Fear as the social media director of Art Collecting an online resource for collectors and patrons alike. On December 1st we will be traveling together to Miami Florida to Art Basel, a unique show of international talent. I will be posting my observations on new trends and themes in contemporary work as well as covering the established players. Follow this blog for updates on our adventure. -Oliver



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