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Fulcrum Holiday Hours!

From Now until Christmas we will be open 12 – 6 pm Monday – Saturday. Fulcrum Gallery offers the most comprehensive selection of local art in the area. In addition to our regular selection of gifts we are offering a 10% discount on all Fulcrum’s back stock of posters and prints. We’ll have work available from Noah Sruthers, Maria Jost, Sean Alexander, Art Chantry and other local artists. Perfect gifts for the art lover in your life!

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Studio Tour 2015

Open StudioPutPut-MiniGolf
Saturday 11-4
Sunday 11-2.

This weekend I will be opening up my studio located in Fulcrum Gallery. Please join myself and Scott Nelson Saturday 11-4 and Sunday 11-2. for a hands on project, a selection of glass working videos, and I the award winning Tacoma Put Put course will be available for play.  Additionally if you enjoy good prices on unique glass gifts I will have a variety of works for sale and I will be offering up Baby Head Cup seconds for sale. Additional pieces of Scott’s current artwork will be on display for Here Now Forever.
Oliver Doriss

For the map of the Tacoma Studio Tour please visit the Official Site.

Tacoma Put Put: A realistic model of Tacoma Washington that doubles as a miniature golf course.





work-imageStudio Tour Hands-on activity:

During open studios, Scott Nelson will demonstrate the process of transferring photo images to glass and other media. Anyone who stops by will be able to take part in the process, and will get to take home a small photo keepsake that they have helped to make. Hope to see you there.


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FLOW is a structured formation of negative space within a body of water. This void will be created in the form of letters. The letters will spell out a word that is directly related to the location of installation.

This project will operate much like a boat. The main body of the boat will fabricated from clear Acrylic. It will float just at the surface of the water. Surface water will cascade over the leading edge of the vessel obscuring the outer wall. This “Vessel” will have a self-regulating bilge pump to maintain its level of buoyancy. The finished piece will be displayed summer of 2013 in the Thea Foss Waterway. The final text size and shape will be determined by location and engineering constraints.

FLOW will be on display in the Thea Foss June 2014

Watched Plastic Never Slumps

Source: FLOW

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i am Worm Morphology.

i Hate to be an encumbrance to Anyone or Anything in my world.  i am absolutely respectful towards all creation.
My Dear Good Owner Curator of Fulcrum,,, please, say this might work for you….
warmest regards,   Worm Morphology

And so it came to pass. This is but a brief excerpt from my interaction with Worm Morphology, and for his creation there are even fewer words. This piece actually unfolds before your eyes. It is a multimedia assemblage of found objects and collected artifacts. As you step closer you will find detail within the details, and even more details within those. In the evenings it seems to flicker with an energetic presence. Maybe it’s haunted. -O

Worm Morphology’s tribute to Scorpio courtesy of the Enlightenment Cabinet – Overture to the Zodiac. on display at Fulcrum till the end of May.