i am Worm Morphology.

i Hate to be an encumbrance to Anyone or Anything in my world.  i am absolutely respectful towards all creation.
My Dear Good Owner Curator of Fulcrum,,, please, say this might work for you….
warmest regards,   Worm Morphology

And so it came to pass. This is but a brief excerpt from my interaction with Worm Morphology, and for his creation there are even fewer words. This piece actually unfolds before your eyes. It is a multimedia assemblage of found objects and collected artifacts. As you step closer you will find detail within the details, and even more details within those. In the evenings it seems to flicker with an energetic presence. Maybe it’s haunted. -O

Worm Morphology’s tribute to Scorpio courtesy of the Enlightenment Cabinet – Overture to the Zodiac. on display at Fulcrum till the end of May.