You are currently viewing Celebrate the New Year with an art show at Fulcrum Gallery 12.30.23!

Celebrate the New Year with an art show at Fulcrum Gallery 12.30.23!

“Everything Ends and Begins Again”
An Evening of Pop Art by Liz Weickum and Michael Darling

Close out another amazing year in Tacoma WA with a live art show featuring new works by two Tacoma legends.
Saturday from 5pm – 10pm at Fulcrum Gallery in the Hilltop Neighborhood

Residual is proud to present Michael Darling and Liz Weickum’s “Everything Ends and Begins Again” – an art exhibition that explores endings and beginnings in which with the date of the event coincides with the end of the current year and the beginning of the new one. The two artists have radically varied styles and the show promises to be a visual roller coaster of artistic mashups.

This exhibition was generously funded by Residual’s Gallery’s Spotlight program

Michael Darling is a self taught visual artist from Tacoma, WA. Working in many mediums such as, collage, stenciling, drawing , Lino carving and painting. Marrying abstraction with pop art images and cartoons, his art focuses on themes of childhood innocence, love, the value of all life and the temporary nature of all things.

A poet as well as a painter, many of Michael’s works feature language and text pulled from many sources including his own poetry, lines from music and movies, advertisements or over- heard conversations, often using these words to convey ideas and feelings that they were not originally intended.

Michaels work has been characterized as “beautifully messy and chaotic” and “brilliantly unrefined” over the last 5 years Michael has abandoned hundreds of pieces of art in the streets of Tacoma and surrounding cities. Which he calls, “sacrifices” or “gifts to the universe” gaining him a small but very loyal following of art lovers.

“Everything Ends and Begins Again” marks his first time showing in a professional gallery. Featuring work made over the last year exploring the idea that everything ends. But nothing ever truly dies.

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Liz Weickum is a visual artist and freelance graphic designer based in Tacoma, WA. Like most artists, she has always had an innate need to express herself through creative means.

She pulls from her life experiences and a desire to create the things she wished existed. Her artistic style is heavily influenced by her design background and interest in street art, anime, sci-fi and surrealism.

She mainly creates her art digitally or with traditional paint mediums. Major themes she explores in her art are growth, transformation, emotions, and the duality of life. She aspires to inspire and empower others through art.

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