¿What is Truth?

Oil on Linen – New work by Peter Sheesley
April 18th – June 14th 2013
Opening Reception: April 18th 6-9pm

Show CardIn every society the “Artist” plays an essential role as a communicator, offering insight and dimension to common concepts and phenomena. Peter Sheesley speaks to us through his current body of work titled ¿What is Truth? This series of ten paintings are a visual translation of passages selected from religious manuscript. A thoroughly rendered figure is suspended within an ethereal abstract space. The resulting juxtaposition produces a dreamlike pan dimensional quality. Along with the visual juxtaposition Peter explores the concept of the Nude verses Naked. “The figures are naked not nude because they represent individual and real people. Their nakedness is not limited to a nude idealized form, but instead is specific and particular. They can be vulnerable, awkward, beautiful, ugly, sexy–sometimes all of these at once.” –Peter Sheesley

Oliver Doriss / Fulcrum Gallery

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