Life is OOD

Life is OOD

June 20th -July 15th 2013

Fulcrum Gallery is proud to present Life is OOD: new works by Sean Alexander and Henry Lee Walls. OOD is the second solo showing by Sean Alexander at Fulcrum Gallery and will mark his first departure from drawing. Work by Hilltop local and first time showing artist Henry Lee Walls will accompany Alexander’s work as interactions with Walls helped inspire many of the works in the show

The show’s title is a play on the classic, cheap slogan “life is good” but also a reference to rapper Nas‘ most recent album Life is Good. Nas’ output has been described as a “potent evocation of life on the street” and OOD attempts to be the same. Focusing on a small radius of the Hilltop Life is OOD Headerneighborhood in Tacoma, Alexander attempts to celebrate the area through gloomy humor and colorful symbolism while also using it as a vessel for exploring American decay. The majority of the works in the show were inspired by found or stolen objects that Alexander became attached to while walking around the neighborhood. These found objects were collected and considered before artworks were made from them. Interactions with residents of the neighborhood also served to create work, especially those with the mysterious drifter and neighborhood staple Henry Lee Walls.

OOD is smiling. OOD is mad. OOD is sad. OOD is laughing. OOD is trying. OOD is looking at the sky. Life is OOD.



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