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Riff Raff

Glass FurnaceRiff Raff Group Glass Show – May 18th -29th
2022 International GAS Conference
Early preview by appt. May 17th, 18th 6-10pm
Third Thursday Opening Reception May 19th 6-10pm
Friday Fulcrum Late Night  $5  9pm-1am
GAS Closing Reception  Sunday May 22nd 7-10pm

Two Blue-collar factory cities, both with a love of drink, breathtaking natural beauty, and a hearty romantic lifestyle. It has been said that Tacoma may be home to the largest glass community out side of Murano Italy. Both places are incredibly similar, mirroring each other in many ways. Each has long history of glass making, manufacture, and design. Also both have become a destination for artists and designers looking to have their works translated into this seductive medium called glass. Murano is an ancient community built up around the manufacture of glass. It touches all industries from restaurants to cafes shipping, retail and tourism. Like a complex machine this community has many parts. A myriad of roles are necessary to keep these gears of commerce turning. The uninitiated observer only perceives the surface this practice. A cursory glance blinded by the big and shiny objects while remaining oblivious of the under workings that make it all possible.

The goal of Riff Raff is to give voice and place to those who work behind the scenes in the Pacific Northwest. This exhibition showcases a spectrum of people working in the field of glass. From mainstream to obscure, both young and established artists have been selected demonstrating the range of practices, and diversity of the Pacific North West glass community.

Participating Artists:
Megan Stelljes, Bri Chesler, Joe Sircoulomb, Trent Quiocho, Morgan Peterson, Galen McCarty Turner, Oliver Doriss, Dick Weiss, David Rios, Walt Leiberman, Jacob Wilcox, Neon Dion