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Music, Painting, Video, and freshly minted NFTs
A Convergence of Live Music and Visual Art – by Shawn Foote & Ken Jacobsen
Thursday October 20th 6pm -10pm

Join us at Fulcrum Gallery for an evening of sights and sounds. Artists Shawn Foote and Ken Jacobsen have joined forces to present their latest collaboration in a single evening multi-media event. Ken a composer, musician and teacher will be performing works influenced by the visual explorations of Shawn Foote. Together these two streams of creativity intertwine, into a spontaneous momentary experience titled “Tootleoo”. Ken pulls from his diverse musical background of classical, jazz, and experimental music adding textural sounds to Shawn’s visions. This live event is interactive, with the presence of viewers influencing the flow of two artists improvising and responding to each other, adding depth and narrative to the multidimensional experience.

You Can learn more about Ken Jacobsen’s music and art projects by visiting his website. Ken Jacobsen

Also Shawn Foote’s varied artistic endavors are visible here at his site Shawn Foote. Paintings, products, NFTs

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