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Fulcrum Gallery Celebrates 8.25.18

10 Years on the Hilltop

Come celebrate with us August 25th 3pm till 2am.

Fulcrum Gallery’s 10yr. Anniversary Party
Featured Artist’s & Performers 21 + $5

Featured Show: ∅Φσþς by Jo Bazuka 3-7pm
Artist Market: Zoe Ivis Yasmin, Neon Dion, & more 3-7pm
Beats & MC’s: Donhavi & Special Guest, TDH, KC 7-10pm
Danceparty: Baloogz, Olivia Phaze, Quincy James 10-2am


– A Glitch Portrait Series –

August 25th – September 16th
Public Reception: August 25th 3:00-7:00pm
Fulcrum Gallery 10yr. Anniversary Party 7:00 -2:00am

∅Φσþς “Removing a face doesn’t remove the identity of the image, on the contrary it unlocks it. With these initial constraints removed opportunities are fertile for abstracting, fracturing and multiplying an images “identity”. The result is a multi dimensional conversation opening up new and wider lanes for both the image and the observer” – Jo Bazuka

Jo Bazuka is unapologetic as an artist, creating work that strikes in the moment is contemporary, and shifts effortlessly through a variety of mediums. Music is his primary catalyst driving all other artistic endeavors. MC’ing, dance, graffiti and tattooing have all been linked through this thread of sound. The “Glitch Portraits” series of visual works arose when all other previous avenues appeared blocked. This new medium follows suit, with the musical thread influencing even the smallest facets, a digitized amalgamation of music, colour, fashion, creation and destruction. Embodying Hip-Hop and lo-fi’s sample based nature, punk rock’s “color outside the lines”, anti-authoritarian overtones, vivid bass and glitch inspired textures and effects, the cool feels of reggae, dub and the abstract improvisational sprit of jazz.

See more work from Jo on his Instagram feed.

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Origins and Myths of Salmon Beach

Salmon Beach Retrospective / Artist Talk / Historical Presentation.
and Closing Reception for “The White Series”

Thursday March 15th 6-9pm

Join us for a visual presentation from first hand eye witnesses of Salmon Beach, followed by the usual stories, tales, and outright lies.

Ralff Somoff – Selected Images & The Infamous Salmon Beach Drug Bust

Rodger Edwards – Presenting Verna Haffer’s photographic work “Salmon Beach and It’s Characters”

Images and contributions from Salmon Beach at Large.


*If you feel inclined to participate in this event and have an image you would like to share, email it to and I will add it to the presentation. -Oliver Doriss

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The White Series

New Works by R.A.Turner

The White Series / Salmon Beach Retrospective

Feb 15th – March 15th 2018
Public Reception: Feb 15th 6:00-9:00

Like Commencement Bay on a still and misty morning the “White Series” captures the subtle beauty of the Pacific Northwest. These ethereal low relief paintings give the sense of a secret, barely obscured, to be revealed at any moment. Richard Turner has been greatly influenced by his experience at Salmon Beach and its intimate connection with nature. This experience has molded him into a uniquely creative individual, part explorer, part developer and part witness to the irresistible natural forces that surround us.


“For some time I have been acutely aware of urban noise. I even went to the Arizona desert searching for quiet. Much of the white series is my attempt at quiet. The Salmon Beach paintings are as a result of working up images for our annual rowboat race posters. I have had one shack or another at Salmon Beach for 56 years and the ever-changing land, sea, and sky compositions are part of me. This motif can be seen in both the realistic work & the White Series. It’s all about light, some inner, some outer.” – R.A.Turner



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Ian Krause – Trapographer

Photography – Live Music – Live Painting

Saturday October 21st. 4pm into the evening.

Ian Krause captures the essence and culture of Tacoma’s underground street scene in this one day event. Local photographer  Zachary’s candid and personal photographs showcase contemporary talent throughout the Pacific Northwest. Capturing intimate glimpses of life, at concerts, in the recording studio and in their community. This event is matched with live drawing and musical performance. This event is free and open to the public. We want to meet you and show you who we are. We hope to see you there.


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