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Jacob Willcox – Featured Artist

Jacob WillcoxJacob Willcox is a light and mixed media Artist from Tacoma, Washington, and  a recent graduate of Alfred University’s Sculptural and Dimensional Studies program. He has explored all types of glass-making, vessels, goblets, glass formulation, but it is the scientific and technical nature of neon that holds his interest. His current work is an explorationBlue Neon Arow by Jacob Wilcox of visual communication. Symbols, graphics and linear forms transmit unique and subtle information.

“My work explores the visual language of compulsion and consumption; asking what it is about signage that triggers our compulsivity? I employ traditional neon signage to create cacophonous, overwhelming spaces. Using neon and mixed media the workexists on the line between risk and reward. Seeing neon signage at billboard proportions in a gallery settingand the way it affects our perception of space and environment, it embraces absurdity and engulfs the viewer.” -Jacob Willcox

To see Jacobs latest installation visit Fulcrum Gallery this week for the opening of Riff Raff Thursday at 6pm. Outside of his artistic practice he runs a small neon studio where he takes on commissions and special projects. You can visit his his website to learn more about this amazing human being.

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