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Bri Chesler – Featured Artist

I came into Bri’s sphere working at a small studio In Seattle Washington. She was new to town and working the glass circuit. A couple days at this shop, couple days at the Glass Eye Studio. A romantic and uniquely Seattle way of living… piecing your bills together through itinerent labor. As I have followed Bri’s trajectory watching her grow and develop a distinctive sensual candy monster style. MonsterIn a male dominated world Bri’s work is unapologetically feminine. Her pieces are multi-media by nature combining different glass techniques with many other mediums. Drawing from the wild and erotic character of the natural environment her work reflects on cultural obsessions of beauty and their relationships to internal anatomies. By fusing similar elements found in biology and botany she creates forms that ‘flirt’ with the audience, exploring ideas of intimacy and desire. See Bri’s work this Thursday 6pm at Fulcrum Gallery for our glass show Riff Raff .

I get asked often how I got into glass blowing. to which I respond, “I followed the fire.” – Bri Chesler

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