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David Rios – Featured Artist

Introducing David Rios. He is one of the rising youth stars in the Tacoma glass scene. I have been impressed by his artistic approach. He uses traditional glass working techniques to create pieces exploring his Mexican American cultural identity. Rios discovered his passion for glass in 2010 during an intensive work program with Hilltop Artists. Over a decade of experimentation and creative risk taking,  Rios has earned scholarships from Pilchuck OfrendaGlass School and The National Craft School Experience which have allowed him to invest significant time and resources into exploring his craft. Most recently Rios was awarded the 2020 Greg Peircy Grant for his dedication to youth development through art. We are excited to showcase David’s distinctively Chicano styled glass art at the upcoming show Riff Raff at Fulcrum Gallery. To find out more about David Rios and his journeys in the medium of glass visit his website riosonfire, delicioso!