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Joe Sircoulomb – Featured Artist

JoeI met Joe at a Seattle glass factory a number of years ago. He was a skilled worker but the thing that struck me most about him was his creativity. He has spent many a summer at Pilchuck Glass School working on his glass craft and artistic forms. In 2019 he participated in Transparency a LGBTQ+ focused show at the Tacoma Glass Museum. He creates many of his works in glass but similar to myself is not limited by it. Joe has recently began producing artwork in the digital realm, specifically artwork backed by blockchain technology. He has a large collection of NFT’s that you can check out at here at JoeCirc’s Market. Also he begun exploring modular synths, a compounding style of live electronic music creation. To experience his live electronic music visit his YouTube Channel. It is Joe’s constant evolution and exploration that inspired me to feature him in our up coming show Riff Raff at Fulcrum Gallery. To see more of his artwork visit queerglass.tumblr.