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Trent Quiocho – Featured Artist

Meet Trenton Quiocho, another artist in our glass show next week. For myself as a career glass artist who has worked all over the United States I was pleasantly surprised to discover Tacoma. The dirty little sister of Seattle, always second place and constantly shit on by the surrounding municipalities. What I discovered was a gorgeous city with an amazing art scene, vibrant party / warehouse culture and a strong identity (that reminded me of the East Coast). Additionally they teach glassblowing in the high schools so the average 17 year old has 3 years of glass training already adding to this glass art utopia. Trenton Quiocho a product of this unique little berg of a city. Trent is dedicated to the craft of glass and youth development through art. He began his explorations in glass as a student in Tacoma and has continued with the material for over a decade. He has worked as a glassblower and hot shop technician with many organizations and most recently curated his first formal museum show at Tacoma Art Museum titled GATHER:. New works and events can be viewed here at his website We here at Fulcrum Gallery are excited to work with Trenton and showcase some of his signature sculptural works on display next week for our show titled Riff Raff. Hope to see you there!

“Glass provides the opportunity to create a revitalized, visual language that speaks to this cultural iconography, and through this, breathe new life into the folktales and stories behind them. Creating these objects affirms my connection to this history, allows me to explore and understand the symbolism behind them, and ignites the spark that fuels my curiosity in learning more about Filipino culture and history.” – Trenton Quiocho