You are currently viewing Fulcrum Gallery is excited to have you. 10.14.23 Invoke

Fulcrum Gallery is excited to have you. 10.14.23 Invoke


– to call on a spirit in prayer, as witness, or inspiration –

New work by James Allan Tucker Rodriguez & Autumn Tranquilino.

Join us for an evening exhibition of contemporary work

October 14th 6pm – 11pm at Fulcrum Gallery

James Allan Tucker Rodriguez is a chameleon, working effortlessly through multiple mediums refusing to be constrained by any one artistic process. Painting with acrylic, watercolor are his classics, while 3D printing, wood working, and leather work round out this diverse skill set.

Lately I have been exploring the idea of visual questions. I want the viewer to question what is happening, what is the point of the work. The work presented at INVOKE will ask at least a few of the questions that have been floating in my mind for years

Use a brush, pencil, computer mouse, hammer.. whatever you need. They are all just tools used to express an idea or concept. I enjoy natural elements tempered with machined purpose. The rough edge of broken stone merged with a perfectly lathed steel beam. The smoothness of glass next to the texture of bone. Mans nature -X- mother nature.All I can say is that I am just a human looking to not only accept but to maybe understand why I love what I love.

I have destroyed many things. I have created many things. Art has taught me that it is the same process, and that is one of the reasons I love it so. 

James Allan Tucker Rodriguez

“A lot of my work has been dedicated to painting North and Central American indigenous cultures. The way they’ve lived for so long in the natural rhythms of the planet has always fascinated me as an artist.  I think that awareness is important in the current times we live in.” –Autumn Tranquilino

Visual art is a way for me to capture what I feel and see in my mind and bring it into reality. I like to look at my paintings as a reflective mirror, reflecting back to the viewer it’s colors, symbols and shapes. Some things are hard to express with words and at times visual art is a way to present expression in a different format. I think looking at art is a personal experience.  Every viewer interprets things differently.  The art I am currently working on is based on the diversity of different cultures, rituals and myths.  I love mixing it up with color and reflections of nature.  I am a self taught painter. I’ve always loved to draw as a child and young adult but didn’t start my painting career until 2012. Originally from New Jersey, I traveled and lived in many places in the United States. Living in the Black Hills of South Dakota has inspired my body of work titled spirit warriors. The history of the Lakota Sioux people as well as my Lakota friends still fuels my work today. Currently the city of Seattle is my home. The vibe and vibration here is perfect for creating art.  

If I have learned one thing from being an artist it is this: Human spirit is striving consistently up towards light.  When we create, we are like spokes in an ever turning wheel.  Connecting the whole, spinning together. We continue to alter our realities when we create.  So create what you love.

Autumn Tranquilino

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