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Gallery Exhibition

September 11th – 14th
Opening Night showcase:
Thursday, Sept 11, 6PM-10PM  $5
(Girl Trouble will be present for a Q and A)


Isaac Olsen (voted best Tacoma filmmaker by the Weekly Volcano) hosts this event at The Fulcrum Gallery (voted best Tacoma gallery by the Weekly Volcano) about Girl Trouble, the most celebrated Tacoma band since the sonics.  Considering the ingredients, this is sure to be the very best Tacoma art event of the season!

STRICTLY SACRED: THE ART OF GIRL TROUBLE is an extension of the acclaimed documentary film of the same name.  Directed by Isaac Olsen and premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival, Strictly Sacred chronicles the 3 decades long career of the band using extensive video and audio material.

Girl Trouble has been firmly planted in the Northwest music scene for 30 years, existing on the fringes of Grunge and virtually every other regional movement.  Their uncompromising DIY aesthetic and then-unfashionable allegiance to hometown Tacoma, Washington  has made them a legendary cult-like phenomenon.  During this time, the band produced a wealth of artwork in support of their musical concept, generating every graphic, flyer, album cover, and fanzine completely in-house.

This gallery exhibition collects together all of Girl Trouble’s archives; some featured in the documentary film and some seen here for the first time.  On display will be artifacts from the bands tiny museum-like practice shed, full sized paintings by drummer Bon Von Wheelie, original Wigout fanzine paste-ups, T-shirt art by guitarist ‘Big Kahuna’ Henderson, props and models used in GT videos, the dress once worn by infamous 85 year-old go-go dancer Granny Go-Go, and other historical knick-knacks accumulated over the years.

Limited edition prints of artwork and photography will be available for purchase.  Girl Trouble will be in attendance on Thursday September 11 (opening night)  for a Q and A.

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June 19 – August 1 2014


The Tacoma(253) project is a civic love-affair for photographer Jesse Michener showcasing 253 images of the people and places she calls home. Born and raised in Tacoma, Michener says, “I can’t wait to share my love for Tacoma through the people, places and spaces I’ve called home most of my life. I’ve lived elsewhere, but chose to come back to this city because it’s so special.” Michener’s photography has been featured nationally and she regularly photographs for area organizations and foundations in the Puget Sound region. For this project, she won a Spark Grant Award from the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation in 2013. 

A grant program designed to help bring people-powered ideas to life within Pierce County, Spark Grants are not a typical grant because they are designed to support everyday people who want to spark positive change. The program leverages $1,500 “micro-grants” to fuel go-getters, grassroots organizers and connoisseurs of community who have great ideas on how to make their neighborhood a better place. 

For her part, Michener believes the arts serve as a simple reminder that no one is truly alone. “Art, no matter the genre, spans distance, time and culture, connecting us to what it means to be human.” Photography, in particular, Michener explains, shines a unique light on the events, the people and the places that define us. “Captured in fractions of a second, photographic stories can unfold without the barrier of language to weigh it down.” 

Through her visual storytelling, Michener hopes people who engage the project will see themes of beauty, of struggle, of what it means to be happy and how we can better take care of each other. “It’s a project of hope for a city yearning to break free from a tired reputation while still holding on to the essence of where it’s been.”


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Alive & Kicking

This year marks Fulcrum Gallery’s seventh year in operation. We started off this season with Gary Lappier’s photography show titled “Sent From Somewhere Else“. Every year around this time I wonder why I am operating a fine arts venue. It is exhibits like this that make it all come together. Last weeks opening was well attended and sales were brisk! it was just the type of show I needed to kick off the 2014 season.
Thank You Tacoma. – Oliver Doriss

The Artist will be on site this Thursday for Arts Walk 5pm to 9pm


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Sent from Somewhere Else

The Black and White Photography of Gary Lappier
March 14th – April 5th 2014

Opening Reception 6 pm Friday March 14th

The B&I Entrance

I received a camera for my fifth birthday, which is around the same time I made my first visit to the B&I. It was a technicolor buzz full of goodies and amazements. A crown jewel in a city full of promise named Tacoma. Since a young age I had fantasized about documenting this unique place and the variety found within. As I grew and developed my craft, the B&I aged and declined. Sent from Somewhere Else is the photographic result of this exploration.

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Dawn of 2012

Fulcrum Gallery Presents:
Dawn of 2012 (Emerging Artists of 2012)
Jan 19th to March 10th
Opening Reception: Thursday January 19th 6-9 pm

Julian Pena
Kelsi Finney
Gabriel Brown
Kristen Marie Pisto
Meghan Mitchell
Branden Urban