Sent from Somewhere Else

The Black and White Photography of Gary Lappier
March 14th – April 5th 2014

Opening Reception 6 pm Friday March 14th

The B&I Entrance

I received a camera for my fifth birthday, which is around the same time I made my first visit to the B&I. It was a technicolor buzz full of goodies and amazements. A crown jewel in a city full of promise named Tacoma. Since a young age I had fantasized about documenting this unique place and the variety found within. As I grew and developed my craft, the B&I aged and declined. Sent from Somewhere Else is the photographic result of this exploration.

The B&I still stands servicing a new generation of children but only traces remain of the technicolor wonder of my childhood.

Time is fluid and photography grants me the power to freeze a moment for endless revisiting. I can share a specific feeling, share exactly how I saw the subject at that specific time, in that specific moment to others. Through my photographs I hope to expose others to people, places and things they might not normally have the chance or desire to visit them selves. To show beauty from the fringes, from the smallest detail to the largest, that is my intent. -Gary Lappier

These photographs were taken over the course of several months in 2010 on 35mm film, printed traditionally in a darkroom, selenium toned then framed by myself.

You n’ I and The B&I – Stories of a Tacoma-Moment

Anyone who grew up in Tacoma remembers the B&I Public Market, and most likely has an interesting story to add to the mystique.
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